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 Members, Please Read Here Before Posting!

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StarrFire Jolie

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PostSubject: Members, Please Read Here Before Posting!   Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:21 pm

Merry Meet,
I created this forum in an attempt to have a drama-free, friendly environment to exchange information and to learn. I don't want my forum to have a million rules, but I do need to enforce a couple so that I can insure it stays drama-free, friendly and fun for everybody who participates. If you are unsure as to whether or not something follows our rules, please contact a member of our staff prior to posting. If you fail to follow the rules, the punishment will be:
Step 1: Written Warning
Step 2: 30-Day Account Suspension
Step 3: 60-Day Account Suspension
Step 4: Permanent Ban From The Forums.

The Forum Rules

Rule #1: No Multiple Accounts - You may only have one account on our forums, please do not try to register under multiple e-mail addresses or using different names. Our server tracks your I.P. address and we will be notified if this happens. When somebody has multiple accounts, it only results in problems and drama.

Rule #2: Proper Grammar & Speech - Please do not use "text speak" ("u" as opposed to "you", "g2g" as opposed to "got to go", "ttyl" as opposed to "talk to you later"... etc.) Posts containing "text speak", will be deleted and edited by a member of our staff before being posted again. Also, please use PROPER grammar... I don't want to see random periods (.) in sentences; only one is necessary (NOT "..........."). Learn how to use punctuation marks and use them properly. Absolutely no cursing or foul language.

Rule #3: Publication Of Personal Information - Please do not post personal information (cell phone, house phone, address, etc...) on the public threads. If you need to give these details to somebody, please do so in a private message or off the board (e-mail). This is to protect our younger community members.

Rule #4: Absolutely NO Flaming Or Bashing - This is going to be VERY strongly enforced. I don't mind light arguments, discussions, suggestions, etc... but under no circumstances do I want to see you flaming or bashing another member or their ideas. It simply won't be tolerated.

Rule #5: No Spamming - Please do not send repeated messages to members of our community advertising your products or services. This includes spamming via the different threads. We do not need to "clutter" up our forums with your frequent posts.

Rule #6: Off-Topic Posts - We have a designated section for "off-topic" posts, please do not post irrelevant information in with topics - if you have an off-topic question or comment, please start a new thread in the appropriate section or post in the off-topic area.

Blessed Be,
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Cory Allen

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PostSubject: Re: Members, Please Read Here Before Posting!   Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:13 pm

We now have a chat box.

All these rules apply to the chat box as well as the forums

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Members, Please Read Here Before Posting!
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