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"An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will..."

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 Why Traditional Wicca Should Be Preserved

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StarrFire Jolie

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PostSubject: Why Traditional Wicca Should Be Preserved    Tue May 01, 2012 8:34 am

This is one of my student's report on why the traditional Wicca religion should be and needs to be preserved. I am very pleased with Persephone's report and have posted the original copy below, I encourage you all to read and learn from it!

"Wicca is one of the more, shall we say, creative cultures. It's use of poetry, song, language, and rituals are, to me, the most inspiring aspects. So I, as a Wiccan myself (although only just starting), say that it should be a priority to preserve the culture, and religion of the Wiccan Folk. It is one of my main priorities to preserve it, as it should be yours. By joining this religion, you are taking part in helping preserve it. But why should it be preserved? Not only is it an amazing experience, but it is also a wonderful way to show who you are, and bring out the best in you. If used properly, the powers of this religion are helpful to those in need, by chants, meditating, or even brewing potions. Also, it helps bring people together, by joining and forming covens.
Wicca is one of the ways you can show who you are, by writing poetry, spells, or even meditating. When writing spells, you can use any type of writing you desire, but most people like to use the aspect of poetry. But all people don't write exactly alike, so that is a chance to show who you are and write as well as you can! Using meditation, on the other hand, is totally different, but it does still help to show who you are. It does this by taking your mind, and twisting it into the pictures you want, and what you want in life. You might not have people around watching you, knowing what you're doing, but it's a chance to be true to yourself, and show yourself what you want out of life. Which is a reason you should take part in helping to preserve this religion.
The powers from this religion are incredible. They can be used for good, or for bad. If used for bad, just remember the saying "Karma's a Bitch". But, if used for good, then many good things will come in return, or in response to what you are asking. Say, for instance, your best friend is very ill, you would want to help them. Right? Well you could help them by meditating for them, or sending positive thoughts their way, or even casting spells to help them get better. This is another reason why you should partake in preserving this incredible religion.
Some people are the popular ones, some aren't, but some are just... loners. A way to fix this is to get out there and join a coven! Join any coven! But, you have to be careful, and join one that does good magick, and not bad magick, because again "Karma's a Bitch". By joining a coven, you make new friends with the same interests, and you may even find some love in there! But, joining a coven isn't just for love, or friends, it's about learning about the Wiccan religion, and preserving it. Making friends is always a good thing, so the religion shall be preserved for those who are loners, and have no way to make friends.
Wicca should be preserved for many reasons, but those are only a few. The way to preserve this religion, is to just believe. Make new friends, and join a coven. Help someone, by casting good spells on them. Or just be yourself, and meditate, or write spells and poetry."

Merry Meet and
Blessed be
These are the words of

Blessed Be,
StarrFire Jolie
High Priestess

"Bide The Wiccan Law Ye Must,
In Perfect Love And Perfect Trust,
Eight Words The Wiccan Rede Fulfill,
And Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will..."
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Why Traditional Wicca Should Be Preserved
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