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 an overview on laugher yoga

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PostSubject: an overview on laugher yoga    Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:52 am

Today, you have several practices or exercises to promote wellness and so as to lead a long and healthy life. One among these practices is laughter exercises or yoga. There are several aspects related to laughter yoga that makes it so special and luring. Laughter yoga or exercise is regarded as a kind of yoga which helps to improve your health by slotting in laughter into action. Scientific studies have proven that laughter is the best medicine for both mental and physical well being. It is believed that a good laugh session can help you to burn up to three calories. Moreover, as the process of laughter is not at all linked with mind, it is regarded as one of the solutions to alleviate the concerns like fear, sadness, boredom etc. There are several characteristic features of laughter yoga that are worth understanding.
When you undergo a laughter yoga session you are supposed to do deep laughing. Such form of laughter is expected to make your abdominal muscles and facial muscles active. Moreover, you can also strengthen your lungs and immune system by this strategy. Most of the masses attending laughter yoga sessions initially warm up with some small laughing sessions and then get into some serious laughing exercise. It is believed that undergoing a laughter yoga session can easily help you to improve your health in a short notice.  
When you are planning to undergo a laughter yoga program, see that you consider finding the best source that provides you with the best program.
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an overview on laugher yoga
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